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12 November
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This journal hosts my science fiction fanart and fanfiction. My life is far to boring to be posting about it.

Elizabeth. 23 years. American. Writer. Aunt. Uni Student. Scorpio. Loves Joe Flanigan ♥. Opinionated. Sarcastic. Hot-Headed (sometimes). addicted to everything science fiction and astromony. .misshapenmuse.

Joe Flanigan. Amanda Tapping. Michael Shanks. David Tennant. Kate Winslet. Ben Browder. Jamie Bamber. Jared Padalecki. Jensen Ackles. Jewel Staite. David Hewlett. Rachel Luttrell. Richard Dean Anderson. Hayden Christensen. Chris Pine. Zachary Quinto. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Michael Weatherly. Stana Katic. Summer Glau. Zooey Deschanel. Emily Deschanel.Catherine Tate. Connor Trinneer.
.actors & actresses.

Angel. Angel/Cordelia. Fred/Wesley. Bones. Brennan/Booth. Castle. Rick/Kate. Doctor Who. Doctor/Rose. Ten/Donna. Ten/Martha. Farscape. Aeryn/John. Firefly. Mal/Inara. Kaylee/Simon. Fringe. Olivia/Peter.  Harry Potter. Ron/Hermione. Legend Of The Seeker. Richard/Kahlan. Merlin. Merlin/Morgona. Merlin/Arthur. Arthur/Gwen. NCIS. Tony/Ziva. McGee/Abby. Primeval. Nick/Jenny. Nick/Claudia. Abby/Connor. Danny/Sarah. Sarah/Becker.  Sanctuary. Helen/Will. Helen/Druitt. Stargate Atlantis. John/Elizabeth. John/Teyla. Teyla/Michael. McKay/Keller. Stargate SG-1. Sam/Jack. Cam/Caroline. Daniel/Vala. Stargate Universe. Eli/Chloe. Scott/Chloe. Riley. Young/T.J. Star Wars. Luke/Mara. Han/Leia. Padme/Anakin. Vader/Dorme.  Star Trek:ENT. Trip/T'Pol. Torchwood. Jack/Gwen. Tin Man. Cain/DG.Twilight. Edward/Bella. Alice/Jasper. Warehouse 13. Pete/Myka.
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